A Shapes Mounted Points
A Shapes Mounted Points
A Shapes Mounted Points
B Shapes Mounted Points
B Shapes Mounted Points
B Shapes Mounted Points
B Shapes Mounted Points
W Shapes Mounted Points

Custom Manufacturing Service for Moundted Points

We offer a range of shapes mounted points and grinding wheels for your application. And we offer customize mounted points according to customer requirement, such as "A shapes mounted points", "B shapes mounted points" and "W shapes mounted points". It can be mounted on 1/8" shank (3mm shank) or 1/4" shank (6mm shank).

Main Abrasive Selection Reference Chart:

Variety Symbol Application
Pink Aluminum Oxide PA For general grinding and coarse grinding the internal tools, gears, and instrument frame of alloy steel, tool steel, and hardened steel.
White Aluminum Oxide WA For fine grinding, dressing, honing, or screw grinding the tools of alloy steel, high speed steel, hardened steel and etc, with great strength and high hardness.
Brown Aluminum Oxide A For carbon steel, alloy steel, malleable castiron, or hard bronze grinding and cutting.
Green Silicon Carbide GC For brittle and hard carbide, glass, gem, and stone grinding, cutting, or super fine grinding.
Black Silicon Carbide C For cast iron, non-ferrous steel, and non-metallic material grinding, cutting, or honing.

Yinuo provides customized aluminum oxide mounted points, silicon carbide mounted points, rubber mounted points, mounted flap wheels and mounted felt wheels manufacturing services. There are many different shapes of mounted points, such as cylindrical shapes, 60-degree cone shapes, oval cone shapes, conical shapes, T shapes, truncated cone shapes, spherical shapes and taper cup shapes etc. We had 10 years of production experience, and our experienced team to manage manufacturing projects and ensure product quality from demand to delivery (inquiry, design, materials, production, package, shipping).

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